The term Active Principal ingredient is referred to a substance that has a pharmacological activity. The Active Principal ingredient is the fundamental ingredient of a drug, the molecule that in the body plays an action against the disease that you want to fight or, more generally, modifies an organic function with the purpose of treating or preventing a disease. The Active Principal ingredients can be of different nature and of different origin; they can, in fact, be of natural origin, that is, produced by microorganisms, vegetable or animal, and therefore of an extractive nature, or not natural, that is, they can be produced by chemical synthesis.

Teva in Italy is present with five production plants for active ingredients.

Teva Active Principle Ingredients distributed throughout the world are synthesized in the factories of Bulciago (LC), Caronno Pertusella (VA), Rho (MI), Santhià (VC) and Villanterio (PV).  Here you can read TAPI (Teva API) Italy Organizational and Management Model . 

TAPI Italy Organizational and Management Model  (only in Italian)

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Change of the registered office of Sicor Società Italiana Corticosteroidi S.r.l.


Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability

Teva in Italy, aware of the fundamental importance of protecting the Environment, Health and Safety of workers, has as its primary objective to carry out its activities ensuring the highest level of security possible to its employees both internal and external, in accordance with the laws in force in the field of safety at work and continuously improve working conditions, with particular reference to the issues relating to EHS (Environment, Health and Safety).

With this in mind, the Company has set the basic principles of its corporate policy, intensifying its efforts to share them by communicating and involving all the interested parties.

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